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Knuckleheads Beat Up on Blues

Posted by: Ray Pirre on Fri Mar 23rd 2018 10:14am

First off, Let me preface this by saying that this reporter was not at this particular game. It was said, that the Blues started strong and took an early lead. However, in the second period, the Blues let in a whopping 6 goals. YIPES!!! Not good! After much effort, the deficit was just too great to overcome. Knuckleheads had their "big 3" and they are not easy to contain.

Nice offensive efforts by Tony Faulls with a Hat-Trick and 4 points for "Slick Wick!"

Next game is Sunday at 7:30 against Big City Ice. See You There!!!

Tele-Q STILL Pieces of Shit!!!!

Posted by: Ray Pirre on Sun Mar 18th 2018 2:50pm
Carrying equipment after carrying Blues
Carrying equipment after carrying Blues

Surprise! Surprise! The Blues beat the most hated team in the league, Tele-Q. Tele-Q pulled all the stops and even reloaded a bit this season with a couple of decent players. One is even a NATIONAL CHAMPION!!! Ain't that right Jimmy!

The Blues started the game with 8 skaters and ended with 6. As per usual, penalties were handed out to Blues players like candy. The officiating was atrocious!. Tim was thrown out for loosing his cool (yet again) and attacking one of the assholes that plays for Tele-Q. Jimmy was thrown out for "not being nice" to one of the dumb officials. Jimmy could be heard making "baby noises" while exiting the ice to the dismay of the referees. It was quite an exciting game but that's not even the best part!

The most impressive part of the night was the goal tending of Dave Columbia. Boy, was he great! If not for the play of Dave, this game might have had a different outcome. He made save after save to keep the Blues in it, and give them a chance to win. With a little luck and 2 goals from Jimmy and a goal by Tony Faulls, the Blues were able to steal a victory with a very short and tired bench.

Blues win 1st of the Season!!!

Posted by: Ray Pirre on Wed Feb 28th 2018 10:01am

Blues start to heat up! It usually takes until about mid-season but the Blues were firing on all cylinders to beat Big City Ice. Behind the stellar performance of the young netminder with the extraordinary lateral- movement, Dave Columbia was poetry in motion between the pipes! He was like a blur in the crease.... Omni-prescent! Everywhere at once!!! Great game Dave and we are gonna miss you when Don comes back in September! Until then, bring on Crown Royal.

Tim notched his first hat-trick as a Blueser and Ray and Tony F combined for 8 points. Great game all- around.

New Season

Posted by: Ray Pirre on Thu Feb 15th 2018 9:44am

Hello, All you Bluesers out there and welcome to another electrifying season of Blues hockey!

After a strong end to a Fall season the Blues dropped their first two games of the Winter season. However, this is not uncommon for our Boys in Blue. As far as this reporter can remember, The Blues have dropped the first game of the season and do not start to come to true form until the 2nd half.

The first game was a routing by The Orange Crush 10-3. This reporter will not comment on this game as he was not in attendance and it was a blow out.

The 2nd game of the season was a game that saw the Blues only have 7 skaters against a fully manned Little Rascals squad. Even thought the Little Rascals stink they were able to squeeze in 3 extremely weak goals in the final minutes of play to win by 1. The Blues held the lead the whole game but had some very unlucky bounces at the end.

Spending almost the entire 2nd period in the penalty box, thanks to Tim and Ray, didn't help the Blues case. It was a good effort from the Blues but couldnt pull it out in the end. See ya next time sports fans!

Crush gets Crushed

Posted by: Ray Pirre on Tue Jan 23rd 2018 7:32am

Blues skated passed The Orange Crush with a 10-1 victory. It was a very nice team effort that pushed the Blues into the Championship. Goals by 9 different skaters and a solid performance by the goaltender, Don Bourbon was great thing to see heading into the final series! Next up the league- leading Knuckleheads!!!

Last Game Result: Jun 27 2018

Team 1 2 3 OT F
Lil Rascals 2 2 1 0 5
Blues HC « 1 1 3 1 6
Goal Scorers: Dennis Haines (01:11 in 1st), James Davis (02:22 in 2nd), Tony Faulls (03:33 in 3rd), James Davis (04:44 in 3rd), Tony Faulls (12:32 in 3rd), James Davis (02:22 in OT)
Goaltender: Dave Columbia (W)

Coming Up

Sun Jul 22nd 2018 7:00pm
Game vs Lil Rascals
at Igloo Ice Rink

Regular Season Leaders

Points Tony Faulls 14
Goals Tony Faulls 9
Assists Ray Pirre 7
PIM Ray Pirre 4
SO Dave Columbia & Don Bourbon 0
Wins Don Bourbon 2
GAA Don Bourbon 4.00