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Posted by: Ray Pirre on Thu Feb 15th 2018 9:44am

Hello, All you Bluesers out there and welcome to another electrifying season of Blues hockey!

After a strong end to a Fall season the Blues dropped their first two games of the Winter season. However, this is not uncommon for our Boys in Blue. As far as this reporter can remember, The Blues have dropped the first game of the season and do not start to come to true form until the 2nd half.

The first game was a routing by The Orange Crush 10-3. This reporter will not comment on this game as he was not in attendance and it was a blow out.

The 2nd game of the season was a game that saw the Blues only have 7 skaters against a fully manned Little Rascals squad. Even thought the Little Rascals stink they were able to squeeze in 3 extremely weak goals in the final minutes of play to win by 1. The Blues held the lead the whole game but had some very unlucky bounces at the end.

Spending almost the entire 2nd period in the penalty box, thanks to Tim and Ray, didn't help the Blues case. It was a good effort from the Blues but couldnt pull it out in the end. See ya next time sports fans!

Crush gets Crushed

Posted by: Ray Pirre on Tue Jan 23rd 2018 7:32am

Blues skated passed The Orange Crush with a 10-1 victory. It was a very nice team effort that pushed the Blues into the Championship. Goals by 9 different skaters and a solid performance by the goaltender, Don Bourbon was great thing to see heading into the final series! Next up the league- leading Knuckleheads!!!

Blues Cruise!!!

Posted by: Ray Pirre on Mon Jan 15th 2018 9:35am

After falling behind 2-1 after the first period. The Blues brushed off the dust and scored 6 unanswered goals. Tele-Q, always a cheap, dirty team full of assholes, were their usual low class, pieces- of -shit selves. None- the - less, The Blues handled them yet again and brought them down, where they belong.

Besides 2 questionable goals, Don Bourbon had a very nice night in the net and made a few "unorthodox" saves in some big situations. Tony Fauls had 2 goals to start the night and the D made some nice offensive contributions as well!

Line 3 was awarded the hard- hat for the night with their strong performance on both ends of the ice! Providing some needed offense and grinding it out in the defensive end was motivation for the rest of the team.

Rest up Blues Brothers, next game is Thursday night!!!

Blues Crush Orange Crush

Posted by: Ray Pirre on Wed Dec 20th 2017 1:56pm

Donnie "The Wall" Bourbon led the Blues to a 6-0 victory with a stellar shut out. What a game by Bourbon! Talk on the streets was Philly hasn' t seen a goaltender like that since 86-87 Ron Hextall! But don't tell that to the current Flyers... We don't want them snatching up our net-minder! With playoffs right around the corner, this is a great way to head into them. All aboard the Donald Bourbon TRAIN, get on or get run over!

Schedule of the playoffs will be posted as soon as this reporter gets them.

Great season to all but we aren't done yet!

Blues Beat Up on Tele-Q

Posted by: Ray Pirre on Fri Dec 08th 2017 12:00pm

Blues gave their usual beat down on Tele-Q last week. With only one win against the Blues, Tele-Q played their usual dirty, cheap, whiny game they always play. However, that was not enough. Tony Fauls lead the team with a hat-trick and extended his lead as the season's top scorer and points holder. Don was extremely happy with his own personal performance. More so than usual. He awarded himself runner up for the coveted "hard hat" award. Don made a whopping 30 saves on 32 shots. Not Bad!

Last Game Result: Feb 14 2018

Team 1 2 3 F
Blues HC 1 2 2 5
Lil Rascals « 1 1 4 6
Goal Scorers: Ray Pirre (10:21 in 1st), Tony Faulls (12:47 in 2nd), James Davis (14:04 in 2nd), James Davis (09:45 in 3rd), Ray Pirre (09:49 in 3rd)
Goaltender: Dave Columbia (L)

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Sun Feb 25th 2018 7:40pm
Game at Big City Ice
at Igloo Ice Rink
Wed Mar 07th 2018 10:10pm
Game vs Crown Royal
at Igloo Ice Rink
Mon Mar 12th 2018 10:40pm
Game vs Tele Q
at Igloo Ice Rink

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