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BLUES cruise into Game 1 of the Playoffs with plenty of rest

Posted by: James Davis on Tue Jan 22nd 2019 4:26pm
It was that kinda night...
It was that kinda night...

But was it too much rest?

The Knights couldn't make any ground on the Blues going into game 12 of the season. With the Eagles playing what proved to be a playoff bound result, the Knights decided to take the "knight" off and call a forfeit. This would provide the Blues HC with a 21-Day layoff before facing the Orange Crush. The Blues HC finished the regular season in 1st place with a record of 8-3 (1 failed Reschedule). Part of the 21-day layoff would be a 1st round bye.

Jumping ahead to the night of Jan 20th...
It was a cold night, legs were tired, and getting back to game speed did take some time for the Boys in Blue. But 1 of the Blues HC players couldn't really manage to find his "Game"! The layoff proved to be too long for Donny "The Wall (no more) Bourbon, as he showed to have a difficult time getting back to form.

The team rallied around the tendy tho! Scoring 3 goals in the 1st two periods. Tony A would strike first in the 1st period, followed by Tony F on a 2 on 1 in the 2nd period. Not to be outdone by Shawn Baron, thats right folks! This is not a typo, the man the myth Shawn Baron inks his name on the scoresheet in the 2nd period. At the end of two, the game was deadlocked at 3-3. The was really setting up to be a barnburner. Much closer then the Vegas odds makers predicted.

The 3rd period started out with the Orange Crush, crushing 1 in early. This was becoming a common theme on this cold night in NJ. But the line of DiBella, Leonetti, and Mavromates proved to have some gas in the tank. They would score 2 unanswered goals in one shift, taking the lead 5-4. The Orange Crush was not going away quietly tho, they would score again to tie the game at 5. This opened the door for the dangles and snipes of Mr Wickenden himself, he unleash a laser beam in the top corner leaving the opposing goalie checking his glove to ensure the webbing wasn't broken. Then it was time for the original Gritty, the grit of the Blues HC ,Timmy DiBella would score the GWG unassisted. WAIT A SECOND you say.... That would make the game 7-5, how is that the GWG?... I thought you would never ask!! Well, as we have reported through the season, Don stands true to his beliefs. Sticking with his, "As long as I allow 1 less goal then the other guy" mentality. Don took it upon himself to come out of the net late in the 3rd to play the puck. He would play the puck right into an Orange Crush players possession. And with little to no effort at all they would push the 6th goal past Don and the boys.

This provided some of the most exciting final mins mens league hockey could ask for! One of the Orange Crush players would ring one off the cross bar with 15 seconds left in the period. A reporter later interviewed Don in the locker room and he said, "It was exactly where I knew it would be, 1 inch lower and it was in my glove" this was followed by the roar of laughter from his teammates in the locker room.

The Boys in Blue are off to the Championship... A 3 game series against Crown Royal starting on Tuesday at 10:20pm

**This game will be televised on closed circuit TV to Igloo attendants only.**

Till next time.

Game 11: Blues Clinch 1st Place and Top Playoff Seed!!!

Posted by: Ray Pirre on Thu Dec 27th 2018 2:20pm

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Blues fans! The Blues have clinched the top spot going into the playoffs!!! With one game remaining against the No. 2 seed, Knights, the Blues should see the last place Orange Crush in the first round.

Game 11 was a game that was not an easy win but the Blues pulled it off in the end. Thanks to stellar goal tending from Don Bourbon!... Yes, That is right! "STELLAR GOAL TENDING BY DON BOURBON!" By far the best game of the season from Don. Rebounding from a bad loss the week before Don Bourbon showed up and kept The Blues in the game all night and made several big saves!!! Great job Don!

It seems like Don is getting started on building the wall early and is starting right here in Mount Laurel in front of his own net!!!

When asked about his two straight losses after going 7-1 in the 8 previous games he said..."I got tired of winning... Then I got tired of Losing." Spoken like the true Shakespearean wordsmith that he is! Lets hope he doesn't tire of losing again anytime soon.

The offense and defense played a hard game trying to put the puck in the other teams net and attempting to keep it out of their own.

Great effort all around and lets keep the momentum moving upwards and wrap up the season with another W before heading into round 1 of the playoffs!

Go Blues!

Game 10: Crown Royal Pulls an Upset

Posted by: Ray Pirre on Mon Dec 17th 2018 11:24am

This reporter has little to say about this game. It was a sloppy game all around. This reporter will not go into further details on the amount of sloppiness that exuded from the Blues throughout the evening.

Let's hope the next 2 games to wrap up the season fare better than this one.

-see ya

Game 9: Tele Q Finally Beats Blues

Posted by: Ray Pirre on Tue Dec 04th 2018 10:48am

It was a rough night for our boys in blue. It was reminiscent of game 2 when the Blues lost to the Orange Crush with a very depleted bench. The Blues were facing their long time fo, Tele Q on Sunday night. If you missed it because you were watching the Eagles game, don't feel bad because that's what most of the Blues were doing, as well. With most of the team out watching their beloved .500 football team, the remaining Blues did their best to keep the game competitive.

The Blues skated hard with just 8 skaters, but Tele Q capitalized on missed opportunities. After some bad bounces and bad plays TeleQ netted 6 goals and the Blues could only tally 3.

Mark Leonnetti had 2 impressive goals and Tony Asciutto netted a top shelf snipe shot! Not much to be said after that...for that was all the offense had to offer. On a night that had many opportunities for the offense, the forwards just couldn't finish like they usually do.

The nights honorable mention goes to Dex and Chelsea. Dex played a hard two way game and won some important one-on-one battles on the boards to force turnovers. Chelsea played a smart game and made some really nice passes that led to some big offensive opportunities.

Don Bourbon channeled his inner Donald Trump and said "I was tired of so much winning.'' Thanks for the input Don.

None- the- less, The Blues were not their usual selves last night and hope to be back to their winning ways and finish up the last 3 games strong to end the regular season in 1st place.

'Till Sunday when the Blues take on Crown Royal.

Game 8: Blues Sneak by Team Rho

Posted by: Ray Pirre on Fri Nov 30th 2018 8:54am

Game 8 was a game the Blues were lucky to win. With about 22 guys on the bench the Blues had a full squad throughout the evening... Which does not often work in the Blues favor. Team Rho does not have the best record but they always show up and somehow put together a decent enough effort to give the Blues a hard time. Both games played resulted in a 4-2 win for the Blues.

With 3 full lines on offense, ice time was cut short. The D also had 6 guys which ensured everyone was well rested through out the night.

Don only allowed 2. WOW!

Not much to report about this game. Not a particularly fascinating game to write about. No fights, not many goals scored, only 2 goals allowed, and the beer WAS present at the game... The big story though was Chuck Desaulniers played his last game for the Blues....Sorry, Blues fans! He has been scouted and recruited to play for the middle-eastern hockey league in Kabul, Afghanistan. Chuck has been a huge part of the Blues for the last several seasons and will be sorely missed. He will be leaving a hulk-size hole in the defense, as well as in the after game locker- room- antics. We wish him and his family the best and we hope he returns safely and might be able to join the Blues on the ice again in the future!

Best of luck Chuck and we will make sure Don keeps you updated on his GAA while you are away!

'Till next time

Last Game Result: Jan 20 2019

Team 1 2 3 F
Orange Crush 1 2 3 6
Blues HC « 1 2 4 7
Goal Scorers: Anthony Asciutto (15:23 in 1st), Tony Faulls (01:15 in 2nd), Shawn Baron (04:18 in 2nd), Tim DiBella (04:00 in 3rd), Kevin Wickenden (05:14 in 3rd), Mark Leonetti (11:32 in 3rd), Chris Mavromates (11:43 in 3rd)
Goaltender: Don Bourbon (W)

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Sun Jan 27th 2019 7:30pm
Playoff Game at Crown Royal
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Thu Jan 31st 2019 10:20pm
Playoff Game vs Crown Royal
at Igloo Ice Rink

Playoff Leaders

Points Chris Mavromates & Tim DiBella 3
Goals 7 Players Tied 1
Assists 4 Players Tied 2
PIM Tony Faulls 2
SO Don Bourbon 0
Wins Don Bourbon 1
GAA Don Bourbon 6.00

Regular Season Leaders

Points Tony Faulls 34
Goals Tony Faulls 20
Assists Ray Pirre 17
PIM Tony Faulls 16
SO Don Bourbon 0
Wins Don Bourbon 8
GAA Don Bourbon 4.64