Gonzaga Vikings

Gonzaga Vikings

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Saturday, October 22, Twin Rinks. Regular season Game 1 Vs Holy Heart.

Posted by: Kurtis Murley on Fri Oct 21st 2016 9:53pm

Line up:

Shano Holwell Rumsey
Eric Knight Rowe Mills
Johnson Power Evan Knight

Shea Walsh
Fylnn Eddy
Byrne Hutton


Important Parent/Player meeting

Posted by: Kurtis Murley on Mon Oct 17th 2016 11:45am

There will be a Parent/Player meeting this Thursday, October 20th 6:30pm in the Learning Resource Center at Gonzaga.

Oktoberfest Game 3 Oct. 11, 5:30 Goulds

Posted by: Kurtis Murley on Sun Oct 09th 2016 7:42pm

Evan Knight Holwell J. walsh
Johnson Rowe Eric Knight
Curran Mills E. Walsh
Kavanagh Shano

Shea Byrne
Keats Penny
Eddy Hutton

Hunter (Start)

Oktoberfest Game 2 Oct. 10, 2:15 Glacier 2

Posted by: Kurtis Murley on Sun Oct 09th 2016 7:37pm

Kavanagh Holwell J. Walsh
E. Knight Power E. Knight
Curran Seymour Mills
E. Walsh M. Johnson

Shea Walsh
Eddy Keats
Flynn Penny

Craig (Start)

Oktoberfest Game 1 Oct. 10, 10:45 Glaicer 1

Posted by: Kurtis Murley on Sun Oct 09th 2016 7:20pm

Evan Knight Brady Holwell Joe Walsh
Kyle Rumsey Eric Rowe Antonio Shano
Evan Walsh Neil Power Garrett Mills
Matt Johnson Eric Knight

Ryan Shea Murray Bryne
Jacob Eddy Michael Flynn
George Walsh Alex Hutton

Matthew Bishop (Start)
Riley Craig

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