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Winter 2016 is here!

Posted by: Timothy K on Fri Jan 01st 2016 4:25pm

Some of you know me, some of you don’t, but I will be your captain for the coming season.

A little bit about me… I started captaining Tuesday night 1-2 about three and a half years ago. It will be four this coming summer. I prefer to play defense, but I don’t think I will for the first couple of games as I already have that set. Another thing that I do that other captains do not is that I like to set lines in my game day emails. I always find it nice to know where I am playing before I head out to the rink.

Once I receive this email, I will, in turn, plug your email addresses into he attendance system that I still use each season. It is an automated system called Hockey Club House. Once that is set up, I will trigger an attendance confirmation manually, but otherwise, it goes out automatically every Thursday night. In other words, I still don’t use the Hockey Finder site for confirmation. If you don’t receive the clubhouse email, I’ll be asking about it.

If you are new, let me know. If you have a burning desire to play a position, also let me know. Although I will be initially inflexible for the first game, at least for D. ;)

We have a solid roster and a good goalie.

But… setting aside what probably makes me sound like I am a competitive jerk (I’m not really) let us all remember what Hockey Finder is about.


I’ll cover more in the game day email on Tuesday. Enjoy your weekend!

Timothy Karsjens

Spring 2015 Hockey Finder Tuesday

Posted by: Timothy K on Fri Mar 27th 2015 2:28pm

Welcome aboard!

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