Manthers Hockey

Oct 14 2014

Team 1 2 3 F
Manthers « 5 0 0 5
Hornets 2 0 0 2
Play-By-Play | Boxscore

Goal Scorers: Jordan Bryski (00:01 in 1st), Jordan Bryski (00:02 in 1st), Jesse Cox (00:03 in 1st), Kyle Luterbach (00:04 in 1st), Brandon Thompson (A) (00:05 in 1st)

Goaltender: Andy Jones (W)

Coming Up
Tue Oct 21st 2014 10:00pm
Game vs DROP IN at Cliff McNabb Arena
Thu Oct 23rd 2014 10:15pm
Game at CCCU Maverix at Cliff McNabb Arena
Tue Oct 28th 2014 10:00pm
Game at CCCU Maverix at Cliff McNabb Arena

Regular Season Leaders

2014/15 Schedule Posted!!

Posted by: Navin Sachdev (A) on Tue Aug 19th 2014 4:50pm

2014/15 Schedule Posted!

To View Drop In Availability: CLICK HERE

The Manthers are always looking for a couple more players to drop in on our ice times.

If interested, email

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